logo Corral de Palos


Corral de Palos, a winery that bets on a new terroir.


These vineyards are from the Huarpes lands influenced by the universe harmony, represented by its essential forces of nature for life; air, water, fire and soil.

Named by the Huarpes XUMUC (represents the sun; fire, life and energy). TOTOC (means the soil; we are its children, generosity and nobility). ACA (represents the water; the force, the fluidity and transparency). HUACAN (it´s the air; the love, the oxygen and dreams).

We find in it´s history the symbolic way in pictograms, ancient art made in rocks. This is the way we wanted to represent to our wines, as a legacy of what our ancestors left us.


Life is all made out of pioneers. Brave people that take risks to conquer new horizonts for passion and spirit.
It only took two families to get together in 2019 to go for an unimaginable goal. The story has started.

“The better thing that can happen to us is to feel the emotion of achieving wonderful things in a diferente place, and the day that San Luis will be positioned in the wine world level as wines of Mendoza, San Juan, Salta, Catamarca y Patagonia, we will be the happiest people in the world. That our high-quality wines be represented in a new área and to be in the same level as other regions, will be a great satisfaction”.

We are convinced that this moment it´s about to come.