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Located in the town of Beazley San Luis, about 35 km southwest of the provincial capital.


The entrance to our winery and vineyards is located in the 167 kilometer of the National Road 146, about 35 kms southeast direction from the capital of the province.

Located almost 15 kms from Beazley, city of the municipal department of Juan Martín de Pueyrredon, San Luis Province, Argentina.

Coordinates: 33 degrees 45 secs. South Latitude.
Altitude: 400 m.a.s.l.

San Luis climate, Argentine province, is dry.
The average annual temperature is 17 ºC. During winter the average of temperatures is 8ºC, and in summer temperature goes high to 24ºC.
With annual moderated temperatures, 400 mm. Generally, rainfalls decrease from north to south and from east to west.
Rainfall is irregular and over 80% of it occurs during the summer months (November - March). During the winter they practically disappear.

In the plains of the Southwest. The climate is called TRANSITION TEMPERATURE, it presents a thermal amplitude bigger than other regions. With warm summers and very cold winters. The lack of rainfall is greater.
The original material of our soils is a loess of sandy loam texture with abundant limestone. Vegetation is a carob tree forest and chañar and jarilla bushes with zampa bushes.
They are soils with a poorly developed profile of type A - AC - C, the texture is sandy loam throughout the profile.


Our vineyard has a capacity of 660.000 liters, with stainless-steel tanks, the building was built in 2009, a barrels room with 100 French oak barrels and a complete fractionating line of 1500 bottles in an hour. The winery has all the technology to produce high-quality wines.


The grapes are harvested manually in plastic bins of 18 KG.

These bins are taken to the winery, to start the double selection process, and after to the destemmer machine. The the grape grain is pressed and goes to the tank. The grape juice macerates for some days before the fermentation process starts, with temperatures between 25 and 27 ºC for the red wines and 14 and 15 ºC for the rosé wines.

Depending on the wine, after the fermentation process, we make a prolongated maceration for one or two weeks for the red wines, before being pressed in the neumatic press.

The stabilization of the red wines is after de malolactic fermentation. The wines are storage in stainless-steel tanks or oak barrels depending on the wine style we want.